Postmodern Sitcom Season 2: The Rosé Reckoning

Two generations, one podcast. Here’s where Postmodern Sitcom jumps the shark, to reference that fateful Happy Days episode where Fonzie, literally, jumps some sharks while on water skis. We connect, we evolve, we grab our best friends and do a podcast about pop culture, nostalgia, and media trends. We are Generation X and Millennial friends exploring retreo society.

Postmodern Sitcom has your heaping helping of nostalgia to get you through your pandemic pensiveness. Enjoy your humble host Holly and her blithesome bestie Jennica as they recount memories of days gone by.

We sang the karaoke, before COVID-19 said we could not. Holly and Jennica in 2015? 2016? 2017?

Two generations, one podcast, serving up a dose of conversational reality with a nod to TV, trends, tribulations, and trials of the 80s and 90s.

Yeah I said it, “Two generations, one podcast.” I quote Heathers when I say, “lick it up.”