Episode 2: Race

This episode of Postmodern Sitcom talks about race portrayed in 80s sitcoms and how content affects Generation X’s judgments and opinions today. I was nervous to discuss race. Talking to my guest Jill, a millennial of color, opened a wonderful discussion on this topic. We watched Gimme a Break, then talked about it. The dialogue helped me understand a few things about myself, and I hope you learn something too.

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Episode 0: What is Postmodern Sitcom?

Generation X asks, “Why is our reality so far off from the situations we saw on sitcoms growing up?” How come families didn’t end up like the Seavers? Why aren’t males and females treated equally like Punky Brewster was? Where is my racecar bed like Ricky Stratton’s? Cultivation Theory has something to do with Gen X’s thinking. This podcast looks at helping Gen X understand why they think the way they do, while providing other generations some insight. The goal is to achieve a better understanding and a bridge over intergenerational communication gaps.