Generation X is politically covert, so watch your step

I disagree with a recent NBC News article calling out the “political cynicism” of Generation X. While my generation may not have a viable candidate in the 2020 election, Gen X’ers are not disconnected from politics.

Do you want to know why there aren’t more Generation X’ers vying for candidacy? It’s not because of political disconnection. Generation X is running the show. Further, Generation X is asking the questions. Out of the 19 Democratic debate moderators between June and November 2019, 13 are Generation X. (The other moderators thus far consist of five Boomers and one Millennial.)

The article quotes author Paul Taylor as saying, “The Xers have never been a politically or culturally pre-eminent generation.” This is particularly challenging for me to accept given that Paul Taylor is 70-years-old. (I daresay, “Ok, Boomer?”) Taylor’s criteria for Generation X caring more about politics is, “there’s nobody in the White House in your generation yet, and there aren’t many in other elected offices either.” Generation X comprises the brains behind the brawn.

True to form, Generation X isn’t disconnected from politics. We are the proverbial cog ninjas turning the wheel.

Maybe it’s easier to dismiss Generation X’ers as the perpetual slackers, we’re used to that. However, one must look at the larger political picture and see the generation as very much engaged. Just because we aren’t at the lecturn doesn’t mean we aren’t influential, we’re just less overt.

MSNBC named four female moderators for the November 20 Democratic debate. Generation X is the majority compared with one Boomer and one Millennial.

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