Is all fair in love and politics?

I’m torn about this week’s latest political scandal involving California House Democrat Katie Hill. According to this CNN article, Rep. Hill and her husband engaged in a relationship with one of Hill’s campaign staffers. Then, without Hill’s consent, incriminating photos surfaced on a conservative blog. While Hill has addressed the inappropriate nature of engaging in a relationship “with a subordinate,” the House Committee on Ethics has launched an investigation.

I appreciate how Hill admitted to and took responsibility for, the improper relationship that transpired prior to her time in Congress. Even though the photos were leaked, however, I suspect they’ll become incriminating evidence in the official inquiry. There is some equality here when compared to the situation surrounding Al Franken’s incriminating photos and his subsequent forced Senatorial resignation.

My question is: how are either of the inappropriate situations faced by Hill and Franken any worse than a United States presidential candidate caught on tape boasting about grabbing women? That individual went on to win an election. That individual continues to act inappropriately without consequences. I’m not a fan of selective double-standards.

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Next week’s episode of Postmodern Sitcom addresses the topic of sexuality. My guest, Ksenia, and I discuss how 80s TV content affected behaviors of Generation X. We talk about how it is still uncomfortable for many Gen X women to speak up about inappropriate behavior. Ksenia speaks for many Millennials when she addresses how younger generations are less willing to overlook harassment. I look forward to the conversation and am hopeful I will better understand how to step out of silence.

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