Social class on TV shows: Episode 6

This episode of Postmodern Sitcom talks about stereotypes around social class on TV shows in the 1980s and how the content affects Generation X’s opinions today. Social class on TV shows is prevalent regardless of era. That isn’t necessarily a good thing when the content leads to unrealistic perceptions of reality. My guest and I watch Silver Spoons and then talk about social class on TV and in society. Also in this “very special episode,” we talk about the worst way to decline being offered drugs at a party.

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2 Replies to “Social class on TV shows: Episode 6”

  1. Loved this, as always. I’m just listening to the last few minutes and I realized that I want to know what the speakers look like. Any way to post images of yourself and your guests? (It helps reduce social distance, according to a thesis I, well, just wrote.)

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