What’s with all the 80s nostalgia lately?

I am geeking out so hard on the new American Horror Story, 1984 with every scary 80s movie all rolled into one. I love Stranger Things and Glow makes me beyond happy. I am Generation X, and watching these shows is like I’m back in my childhood living room on Quail Hollow Drive, toes tucked into our basement’s plush gold carpet, watching television.

Stranger Things alphabet, Flicker, retrieved from https://www.flickr.com/photos/ebarney/37444281951

I won’t argue that all the recent shows set in the 80s heavily stroke my nostalgia boner, but whey are there all of a sudden so many? This Forbes article puts it best, “’A lot of the decision-makers in Hollywood now grew up in the ‘80s so for the showrunners, writers, executives, and especially the Gen X folks who are in charge of programming at a lot of networks, it’s about nostalgia,’ says Michael Schneider, Variety senior editor.”

While Gen X is lost in today’s editorials about Boomers and Millennials, we are working behind the scenes as content ninjas. Without being acknowledged as a significant generation, Gen X is exerting its relevance the best way it knows how: through television, pop culture, and kitsch.

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